Our Policy

As of 1-20-2023, Tenth Frame Cinema will be strictly enforcing the MPAA ratings system to the fullest extent possible.


For films rated "R" by the MPAA:

  1. Tenth Frame Cinema will not sell tickets to any person under the age
    of 17. MUST present photo I.D.
  2. A person must be at least 21 years old in order to purchase multiple
    tickets without providing additional I.D. for additional tickets.
    The purchaser must also attend the movie for which the additional
    tickets are purchased.
  3. Patrons 17 to 20 years of age may only purchase ONE additional ticket for the SAME "R" rated feature but still MUST show photo I.D. for proof of age.
  4. In an effort to provide the most enjoyable experience for adults
    attending "R" rated movies in the evenings, children under the age of 6
    years old will not be admitted after 6:00pm.
  5. Online ticket sales are an important service for our guests. Tickets
    can be purchased online and picked up at the theatre. It is important to
    remember that the admittance procedures still apply to those
    individuals that make purchases or redeem on-line ticket purchases.
  6. Managers may empower ushers to check for photo identification if a
    guest appears to be underage and is holding a ticket for an "R" rated feature.
  7. Theatre employees may be stationed at the entrance to theatre(s)
    playing MPAA rated "R" films to check tickets and photo I.D. for all who enter to prevent minors from improperly entering.
  8. Tenth Frame Cinema reserves the right to refuse entrance to anyone
    that cannot present valid photo I.D. along with a ticket for the proper
    showtime of the "R" rated film.

For films rated "PG-13" by the MPAA:

  1. Children 13-16 years old must be accompanied by an adult 17 years
    old or older, and they must be watching the SAME movie during showtimes AFTER 6:00pm. MUST show photo I.D.
  2. Patrons 13 to 16 years of age are permitted to watch a "PG-13" rated feature WITHOUT being accompanied by an adult for showtimes BEFORE 6:00pm.

General Policy:

  1. Children 12 and under cannot attend a screening unaccompanied by a parent or guardian. (regardless of film rating).
  2. All ages are good to go for movies rated "G" and "PG" as long as they are with a parent or guardian.
  3. NO smoking AND/OR vaping inside the building.
  4. NO smoking AND/OR vaping for any patrons under the age of  21 on the property.
  5. Once the movie has begun, we ask patrons to minimize the number of times coming in and out of the auditorium as it can be a distraction to others. Excessive running in and out can result in you NOT being allowed to finish the movie.
  6. NO outside food or drink. This INCLUDES BUT IS NOT LIMITED TO food and or drinks purchased from "The Spare Time Grill."
  7. NO backpacks and or large bags. This INCLUDES BUT IS NOT LIMITED TO drawstring bags, school bags, and electronic bags.
  8. We ask that cell phones be put on silent or powered off while watching a movie. Excessive complaints of cell phone usage may result in patron unable to finish their movie.

NO Loitering Policy:

  1. Tenth Frame Cinema has a NO loitering policy. Patrons have 10 minutes from the time they enter the building to purchase a ticket to a movie.
  2. If a ticket has NOT been purchased after 10 minutes, you WILL be asked to either purcahse a ticket or leave the property.